work work work, like a good worker bee

So, today i realized how behind in my school work i was. my parents yelled at me, and i did what was needed to be done. So, right now, I don't feel too great, and I feel kinda overwhelmed, lets hope the second semester proves to be better. Oh, also, my mom suggested i go to a shrink to get shrunk. I'll probably go to the school one and the diagnosis will be that I'm lazy. Anyway I got to try out Trivium for some beta testing for Cryptic Sea's new game No Quarter ( I would link but I'm too tired/lazy). It was pretty fun, but it crashes my crappy PC, so hopefully I'll get my laptop, Nixie, back by the time they release the full game. Anyway I'll probably have longer updates over the weekend. Till then.


Snow day

So, today was a snow day. I ended up spending most of it browsing the web and researching Wolfire. I wrote a review of Lugaru on anyButton, and sent Wolfire some interview questions. Their PR guy, John, is very helpful, and I'm surprised they let me send over questions, they are a very open and good developer. Earlier today i finished the "interactive fiction" i mentioned before named blueful, it was actually pretty interesting, you followed links to different services around the web which told the story line by line and gave u more links to follow, i suggest checking it out, I wish someone would make a story that was told through those services, but through proper use of them, like some fake kid's live journal, on which you could read multiple entries, which then linked to his last FM account, etc, to get a sense of a person and their story, i think that'd be pretty cool. Anyway i finished off another comic archive, Mordant Orange it had some decent funnies but nothing as good as like xkcd, which, by the way, updated their blog with a neat post. Also I emailed Edmund about beta testing for No Quarter (cause they were asking for some) and an interview, hopefully I'll get at least one if not both of them. I also caught up on House and Fringe, two very good shows. Alright, well, that's my day, this is more for me for possibly future reference, so, if your reading this future me: "hi, hope your happier". oh, also, well, nevermind.


flying toast

So, lets start with yesterday. I was home, cause I was sick, so I had some time to do some "indie research", this basically meant i spent some time digging up cryptic sea vids on youtube and getting dirt on Edmund McMillen who I really want to get an interview with eventually (sorry, Edmund [haha, like he'll ever read this], I was bored). So, I really look forward to Bridge Builder 2, Triachnid 2, Gish 2, Guppy, and No Quarter. But that was pretty much everything interesting yesterday.

Today... not that much more exciting. As for personal stuff, it looks like a lot of my friends will have valentines (except me), and college application will be very confusing and frustrating (lets hope they're looking for an indie game blogger), the only upside is that I'm feeling better. As for my other blog, anyButton, I posted a review of Toblo, as well as some news in indie gaming, neat stuff, you should check it out (then again you probably already have if you're reading this), also I plan on posting a review of Lugaru soon as well as maybe an interview... Ok, so, on the indie games front, just check out my news on anyButton. On the internet front I mostly got stuff from escapist: making breakfast cool, another indie interview, and an interesting looking "interactive fiction". Thanks Escapist! The breakfast stuff looks cool, actually being able to have a toaster that shot out your toast would be Awesome, the indie game interview looks not so exciting, while i still advise looking at it, and the "interactive fiction" I'm not sure about, but the title is Blueful You have always been different, which sounds cool.

Ok, on to some cool science headlines. ScienceDaily gives us articles on thinking too much, next gen cloaking devices (a few days old), Genetics of popularity, and dancing babies. Also robots.net gives us an article and a vid on autonomous transportation, and while the vid doesn't look too cool, remember, there's no driver.

Anyway that's it for today, be sure to stay in contact cause i plan on updating a few times a week. Also look out for my Lugaru review and interview coming up on anyButton.



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Here's where I'll be posting stuff that I feel like posting. Expect to see interesting news, indie game updates, and favorite webcomics, as well as whatever existentialist thoughts are breezing through my mind at the time. Anyway I'm not trying to impress anyone with this blog, so, read on if you wish, if not I don't blame you.