work work work, like a good worker bee

So, today i realized how behind in my school work i was. my parents yelled at me, and i did what was needed to be done. So, right now, I don't feel too great, and I feel kinda overwhelmed, lets hope the second semester proves to be better. Oh, also, my mom suggested i go to a shrink to get shrunk. I'll probably go to the school one and the diagnosis will be that I'm lazy. Anyway I got to try out Trivium for some beta testing for Cryptic Sea's new game No Quarter ( I would link but I'm too tired/lazy). It was pretty fun, but it crashes my crappy PC, so hopefully I'll get my laptop, Nixie, back by the time they release the full game. Anyway I'll probably have longer updates over the weekend. Till then.

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  1. Okay so I haven't gotten around to reading your blog until now, I apologize. But I was wondering, when is your laptop supposed to be back? It seems like it's been a while.


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