Global Game Jam

so the global game jam ended today. That means there are now hundreds of brand spanking new indie games for me to play and tell u about. So first, let me explain. The first anual global game jam is an event taking place in many locations around the world. Bassicly, as I understand it, a bunch of people get together and each team makes a game in 48 hours or less. These games are then posted online (today) for everyone to play and rate. Not all of these games will be outstanding, or even good, but some of the best indie games originally came from concepts in a demo built in a few hours/days. Audiosurf, tower of goo, and I think even crayon physics got their start as one of these quickly made concept games. I'm looking forward to finding a few jewels and posting them here. I know Edmund McMillen made a game, so I'll have to check that one out first. Anyway go find the website, check it out, and be sure to watch Kyle Gabler, the maker of world of goo, 's keynote speach. Anyway sorry for the lack of links, and I'll slowly be going through these new games, but school might slow me down. I'll be back tomorrow!

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