so ah wuz liek...

so ah figa dat da intawebs needs a combonation ah lolspeek and da typa language used en dat book, their eyes were watching god, but Zora Hurston. sa, anyways, ah liek muhdkeeps. so, ya, uh, i'ze syent summah dem qweshons ta Cryptic Sea fuh uh intraview, but dey hayz yeat ta rezpond. ahso Hampa from Nabisoft sayz dat heh beh otay wit meh sendin suhm qweshons hehs weh.

Anyway I'll have those interviews up as soon as I receive them. Also expect some interviews of paid indie games once i get the ability to buy them, but till then I'll have to stick with the free ones. Meanwhile I hate homework and am pretty sure I'll be lonely and dateless for valentines day. Oh, also, we received some coverage by one of toribash's forum robots and we actually got some comments on the thread and 77 views! (by we I mean anybutton, and this is for the toribash review, while somehow some of the other stuff is there too.) anyway search "anybutton: 23" in google and it should come up! Hopefully we can get some interviews and readers then we can become famous and then, well, the idk, maybe we sell out and live like rich bastards HAHAHAHAHA, errr, i mean continue the pursuit of spreading the word of indie games to the public! Also, i want a Meggy Jr. (and no, that's not as perverted as you think it sounds, google it.). .).).).). (lol!)!

53|210|_|5|_'/, |-|0\/\/ 4|23 '/0|_| |234|)1|\|6 7|-|15? '/0|_| 4|23 0|3\/10|_|5|_'/ 4\/\/350|\/|3!

anyway sorry for the lag, but expect me to...

trial off unexpectedly. also expect infrequent, speratic, and very unpolished posts :D

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  1. 23 I'm shocked! What game reviewer/parodist has ever sold out? Oh, wait a second....


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