It was bound to happen eventually

so, yea, I'm gonna write some emo poetry now, comment if u want, or just skip it.

In your world

In a world of
In this plan of
They killed the
They think it’s
But it never was
And it never will be

It’s all just a lie
Only the naive
Think it’s true
Only perceive
What they’re told
They feel relief
When it’s you

Who am I to talk?
One man
No army
Who am I to talk?
About you

They’ll always win in the end

My puzzle
The puzzle's not complete
Without the missing piece
I will always face defeat
Without you at my feet
My meaning's never found
without your tender sound

This puzzle i dont fit

my puzzle will never be complete
without you and your love
but your puzzle is done
without me around

and fuck i dont feel like rhyming any more
seriously, it sounds immature
this is prose
this is freestyle
this is whats from my heart and head
and what im just trying to say
is that i dont feel like i fit here
i dont feel like i ever will
and there might be somewhere i belong
but i have yet to find it

expect more of this stuff later... who am i talking to? seriously, this is for me.

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