ow, my teeth really hurt

So, i posted the interview with wolfire on anyButton and submitted it to digg, reddit, and /., which i hope will raise popularity of wolfire, and anyButton. Anyway my teeth really hurt for no reason, the orthodontist couldn't figure it out, no one is responding online for a good conversation (jk Kevin) and, well, i dont want to be a winey emo kid, but real life kinda comparatively sucks right now. Anyway I'm mad psyched about the wolfire interview, and i already sent out my questions to cryptic sea, which i hope Alex and Edmund will answer and get back soon. Anyway I dont got much indie news, i found out about Leeni, a pretty cool 8-bit music maker, plus she's a chick. Also one of my friend's games got reported on by someone other then me, joystiq in fact, which is cool. Anyway life sucks and then you die.

Hugs and kisses,

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